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Learn Japanese in Virtual Reality

How do we help Japanese learners?

In Virtual Nihongo, learners interact with the world around them, completing tasks that introduce, explore and evaluate aspects of Japanese language and culture.

Contextual Learning

Learn new language in realistic scenarios

Our task-based language teaching methods develop understanding through realistic actions and scenarios.

Building Fluency

Learn different ways to say the same thing

The learning goals of accuracy and complexity are carefully balanced with fluency, creating a robust knowledge of the language.

Cultural Context

Learn about the culture behind the language

Immersion in VR increases learners' sense of cultural involvement, providing a contextual background for learning.

Authentic Environments

Learn in an environment that feels real

Our virtual world is consistent with the real world, which provides a more genuine and memorable learning environment.

Social Interactions

Learn how to interact with others

Simulated social interaction with virtual characters leads the progression of language learning. This gives learners an opportunity to converse with out the pressure of real people.

Unlimited Practice

Learn over and over again

Our intuitive controls let learners control the pace of their experience, allowing them to repeat and slow down dialogue as needed.

Request a Demo

We are working with a number of forward-thinking Australian high schools to further develop and test our learning systems. If this could be you, please contact us via email to arrange a live demo.